Defender Compact Holster

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 Looking for a Solution to your Drawer Full of Holsters? Conceal carry with confidence with the Defender Holster. 


 Naturally fit subcompact and compact handguns. Easily cut the thread to fit      medium & larger guns.

 The heavy duty belt clip ensures your holster stays put when you draw your gun no matter the situation.

 The snap on our retention strap is highly durable that it won't fail yet easy to maneuver to quickly get to your gun in a bad situation.

 Remolded metal clip for Ambidextrous usage on either left or right hand side

 Metal Clip fits up to 2 inch wide waist belt.

 Constructed with long lasting 800D nylon to prevent tearing with use.

 Feel confident that your weapon stays in place and is fastened securely

✅ Worry-free concealment even while taking on different physical activities

✅ Easy to wear under almost any kind of clothing


Ambidextrous Design

Carry on either your right or left side, inside or outside your waistline, and draw with either your left or right hand. The indestructible strap ensures that your holsters stays put and won't slip down. 

This holster will work with jeans, dress pants, khaki's, shorts, gym shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants, skirts, workout clothes, biking shorts, and more. Perfect for every day carry as well as working out, hiking, and all your outdoor sports.


Our industrial grade metal snap and retention strap provide secure gun retention for a fast silent draw.

As always we've taken every step to ensure that you stay comfortable while securely carrying your firearm of choice.

MP0434A (15)